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ARX is a brand of a unique positioning since it will be a national brand with experience in both aviation and defense hence it will have a diverse audience from aviation engineers, to pilot fighters and basically anyone who wants to get quality education in respective industries.


In the past, many Saudi companies needed to hire foreign talent for highly qualified jobs. The task was to present ARX as an entity dealing in the aerospace and defense sector in a professional way and to tell about training programs and teaching materials. The new brand identity is aimed at attracting new students and technical specialists.


Our design solution reflects the entity’s statement ‘Building Towards Efficiency’ through the deep reimagining of main industry attributes like horizon, sky, and flights.

The main key visual of ARX's identity is a vibrant gradient of colors derived from the horizon of the sky. Its flexibility allows the creation of layouts with darker and lighter areas for different uses.

The second visual element is linear graphics derived from control panels and plane dashboards used in the industry of defense avionics. In ARX identity the colors have been thoughtfully chosen from the aviation and defense industry environment along with colors that entail the smart digital feelings.

Photos also became an important part of brand image. The intention is to communicate a fresh, futuristic environment with confidence and authority. The photography style is light, conceptual, spatial, and simple.


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