Ministry of Industry & Mineral Resources

Scope of works

  • Brand Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Brand Guideline Manual


The Saudi economy is entering a new phase in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution driven by computing and data, artificial intelligence, and global connectivity. The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources plays a major role in this transformation as the incubator and catalyst for industry and mining development in the Kingdom.


The objective was to reflect the brand strategy’s guiding principles of sustainability, resource availability, and product quality through the design’s objectives recognizable among the industries, approachable to investors, and oriented toward the future.


Each component of the identity system reflects the balance between technical advancement and human ingenuity at the heart of MIM. The concept of transformation is expressed through the abstract visual of the mineral and its physical properties of ductility and metallic luster. The color scheme is inspired by raw materials tones, the highlight colors are related to key brands supporting the industrial development in the country, and the skin tone represents the human aspect of the industry. The elements work together through a modular grid that allows flexibility depending on the message and content. In stark contrast to the category, the design language maintains an editorial feel, photography plays a key role by featuring the people, nature, and impact of the innovations powered by MIM, not just the products.



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